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CNC Cutting Machine
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Features of CNC Cutting Machine
1. Our CNC cutting machine adopts gantry structure for better stability.
2. The structural parts undergo annealing and shot blasting treatments.
3. The CNC cutting machine can be equipped with linear triple cutting torch and plasma cutting torch.
4. The cutting torch lift mechanism uses ball guide rails and can realize automatic lift and electric lift control. Auto ignition function is also available.
5. The arrangement of pipelines adopts suspension type or tank chain type, according to customers' requirements.

The CNC cutting machine is used for cutting plates.

Technical Specifications of CNC Cutting Machine
Model CNC-CG4000 CNC-CG4500 CNC-CG-5000 CNC-CG5500 CNC-CG6000
Gauge (mm) 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000
Cutting width (mm) 3200 3700 4200 4700 5200
Total width (mm) 4800 5300 5800 6300 6800
Longitudinal guide rail length (mm) 14000(can be lengthened by 2000mm adding one rail )
Effective cutting length (mm) 12500(can be lengthened)
Driving speed (mm/min) One-sided 50-4000, two-sided 50-6000
Number of numerical control cutting torch 2 2 2 2 2
Power supply 50HZ 220V
Cutting thickness (mm) 6-100 (flame) With higher rate of flow, the cutting torch can achieve a cutting thickness of 400mm.

1. Hengtong CNC cutting machine comes with a one-year warranty, during which we will solve any quality problems arise due to manufacturing or material flaw free of charge.
2. We have specialized after-sales service personnel to regularly collect customer feedback via phone or email so as to improve our products and services.
3. We attend 3-5 international trade fairs each year, which allows us to pay a visit to customers in the cities where the fairs are held.
4. We promise to reply to customers' questions within 24 hours (except holidays).

As a specialized CNC cutting machine manufacturer in China, at Hengtong we also provide seamless steel pipe, welding rotator, wind tower welding equipment, welding manipulator, and more.

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