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Wind Tower Welding Equipment

Our wind tower welding equipment production line is composed of the following:
1. Cutting equipment
2. Veneer reeling machine
3. Flange welding equipment
4. Stepped drum equipment
5. Internal circular seam welding equipment
6. External circular seam welding equipment
7. Sanding and painting equipment

The above constitutes a whole set of production line. The exact size of the equipment is determined by the size of the wind tower and production capacity.

Wind tower welding equipment is used for the welding of stepped drums.

Wind Tower Welding Equipment

Determined by the size of the wind tower and production capacity.

1. HENGTONG Wind Tower Welding Equipment comes with a one year warranty in which time we will solve any quality problems that should arise free of charge.
2. Our specialized "after sales" service personnel call and/or email our clients. We value our customers' feedback which helps us improve our products.
3. We attend several international trade fairs each year and visit with clients in the city the trade fair is located.
4. We reply to our customers within 24 hours (excluding holidays).

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Hengtong welding equipment company is a Chinese of welding equipment and cutting machine. Our company specializes in the production of welding rotator, pipe turning roll, welding positioner, welding manipulator, and other welding equipment, column boom manipulator and chamfering machine, which are mainly used in welding big boilers, pressure containers, wind towers, and the chemical project, petroleum and shipbuilding industries. We have an annual production capacity of 150 sets self adjustable welding rotator, 120 sets welding positioner, 90 sets conventional turning roll, and 80 welding manipulator.