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  • Standard Welding Positioner Due to the use of slewing bearing, our standard welding positioner offers an increased loading capacity.
    There are six radial M30T bolt slots in the worktable, which greatly facilitates workpiece clamping and positioning operations.
    The worktable surface is designed with many concentric ring slots to help align the workpiece ...
  • L Type Welding PositionerHengtong L type welding positioner is a sturdy positioner designed to assist welding of complex and special shape workpieces. It can place the weld seams which are parallel to the rotational axis in the flat position of fillet welding and other seams in downhand position.
    The worktable of the L type welding positioner can be rotated or tilted to adjust the position ...
  • Head-Tail Welding PositionerOur head-tail welding positioner is suitable for long workpieces.
    The frame has undergone annealing treatment for high mechanical strength and long service life.
    The electric control system is composed of an electric control box and manual control box.
    The utilization of slewing bearing contributes to the increased loading capacity of our head-tail ...
  • Custom Made Welding PositionerWe at Hengtong offer custom made welding positioner to satisfy clients' need for high quality and efficiency in welding. Our welding positioner consists of a worktable which can be rotated or tilted to adjust the position of workpiece for optimum welding position.
    Our custom made welding positioners can be built in capacities from 100kg to 50000kg. ...

Features of Welding Positioner
1. The worktable can be rotated or tilted to adjust the position of workpiece, thus achieving the optimum welding position.
2. The worktable rotation adopts variable frequency drive and the tilting operation adopts electrical speed control.
3. The electric control system consists of an electric control box and manual control box, ensuring convenient operation.
4. The utilization of slewing bearing helps increase loading capacity and makes the rotation smooth.
5. There are six radial M30T bolt slots in the worktable, which greatly facilitates the clamping and positioning of workpiece.
6. The table surface is designed with many concentric ring slots to help align the workpiece with the center.
7. The frame of the welding positioner has undergone annealing treatment, so it has high mechanical strength, doesn't deform and is long lasting.

The welding positioner is an indispensable piece of equipment for structural parts manufacturers. It can greatly shorten welding auxiliary time, reduce labor intensity and improve welding quality.

Technical Specifications of Welding Positioner
Type Loading Capacity (kg) Rotation Speed (rmp) Tilting Speed (rmp) Tilting Angle (°) Worktable Dia. (mm) Rotation Power (kw) Tilting Power (kw) Speed Adjustment Max. Eccentricity (mm) Max Gravity Center Distance (mm)
ZHB-01 100 0.4-4 2 0-90 Φ400 0.18 0.18 AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 150 200
ZHB-03 300 0.1-1 1 0-90 Φ600 0.37 0.37 150 200
ZHB-06 600 0.09-0.9 0.42 0-90 Φ1000 0.75 0.75 150 200
ZHB-12 1200 0.05-0.5 0.4 0-120 Φ1200 1.1 1.1 200 250
ZHB-30 3000 0.05-0.5 0.23 0-120 Φ1400 1.1 2.2 200 300
ZHB-50 5000 0.05-0.5 0.2 0-120 Φ1500 1.5 3 200 300
ZHB-100 10000 0.05-0.5 0.2 0-120 Φ2000 3 4 200 400
ZHB-150 15000 0.04-0.4 0.15 0-120 Φ2200 4 7.5 200 500
ZHB-200 20000 0.04-0.4 0.15 0-90 Φ2500 5.5 11 200 600
ZHB-300 30000 0.03-0.3 0.15 0-90 Φ3000 5.5 15 200 650
ZHB-500 50000 0.02-0.2 0.06 0-90 Φ4000 11 18.5 200 800

The welding positioner is a piece of universal welding equipment mainly used for circumferential seam welding applications. It can use the power supply of argon arc welder, CO2 gas, MAG or MIG shielded welder, plasma welding machine, etc. In addition, this welding positioner can be used in combination with other machines to form an automatic welding system.

Frame weldment: Q235
Worktable top: 16Mn

1. Lubrication
1) The bearings should be regularly lubricated using calcium based grease.
2) The speed reducer must be filled with 30# machine oil according to related standard, the oil should be replaced every six months.
3) Periodically check all driving parts and monthly check the speed reducer to ensure they are well lubricated, which contributes to reliable performance and long lifetime of the welding positioner.
4) Before using the equipment, please check and clean the welding positioner. Especially, pay attention to the speed reducer oil level. If possible, the equipment should be assigned to a specific person for operation and maintenance.

2. To prevent damage to the bearings, the welding ground should be connected to the conductive device, instead of being directly connected to the welding positioner.

3. ① Daily inspection
Don't open the control box for inspection when the power is turned on and the equipment is running
a. Performance complies with the related standard
b. The surrounding environment meets such requirements as no rainwater, corrosive gas and high temperature.
c. The display unit operates normally.
d. No unusual noise, vibration and smell.
e. No overheating or discoloring.
② Periodic inspection
Stop equipment operation, cut off power and open the control box when conducting the periodic inspection.
a. Power supply voltage within the permissible range.
b. Remove the dust on the control panel.
c. The equipment should be stopped immediately and overhauled if anything goes wrong with the cable insulation.
d. All the connecting parts should be well fastened.
e. Repair the damaged control circuit or electrical components that may affect the equipment operation.

Our welding positioners can be packaged in several ways to meet customers' different requirements.
1. Pallet plus plywood
2. Wooden crate
3. Plastic film

1. Hengtong welding positioner comes with a one-year warranty, during which we will solve any quality problems arise due to manufacturing or material flaw free of charge.
2. We have specialized after-sales service personnel to regularly collect customer feedback via phone or email so as to improve our products and services.
3. We attend 3-5 international trade fairs each year, which allows us to pay a visit to customers in the cities where the fairs are held.
4. We promise to reply to customers' questions within 24 hours except holidays.

As a professional welding positioner manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers wind tower welding equipment, CNC cutting machine, welding manipulator, and welding rotator, among others.

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