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Welding Manipulator, Column Boom Manipulator

Welding Manipulator, Column Boom Manipulator

Welding manipulator, or column boom manipulator equipment, works together with welding rotators, welding positioners, etc., to automatically weld the fillet, internal and external circular seams, and internal and external longitudinal seams. Categorized by structure, the welding manipulator, or column boom manipulator, can be divided into several types that are fixed, rotary, and movable welding manipulators, which all meet our customers' requirements. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of welding machines and their auxiliary functions, tracing, jigging, monitoring, and flux recovering. Our welding manipulator is composed of an operating device, a control device, a power source device, and a quality assurance device.

1. The column and boom are manufactured with cold-formed welded type structure. After the annealing process and finish machining, they possess fine rigidity and strength.
2. To ensure safety, the boom lifting device uses a ratchet-and-pawl structure and is equipped with a fall protection device.
3. Frequency control is applied for the adjustment of retracing speed, greatly improving the reliability and stability of the operation of the welding manipulator.
4. The front end of the boom is manufactured with a cross adjustment structure which can be adjusted through the manual control box.
5. The eight guide wheels all utilize eccentric structure. During installation and set up, the lead rail tension can be adjusted by using the eccentric shaft. After this adjustment, the rail should be locked with double nuts.
6. The column rotation can be carried out with manual and electric control then locked.
7. The electrical equipment includes a manual control box and electric cabinet.
8. Trolley, manned seat and worktable, drag chain, seam tracing and monitoring system, and flux recovering system are optional.

The welding manipulator, column boom manipulator is used for the automatic welding of internal and external circular seams, and internal and external longitudinal seams of steam drums and other cylindrical pieces in the boiler, pressure container, oil, machinery manufacturing industries and in the chemical industry.


Type LHQ Light LHJ Medium LHM Heavy LHW Super-Heavy
Boom Lifting Stroke (mm) 1-3 2-4 2-8 2-13
Boom Retracting Stroke (mm) 1-3 1-4 2-8 4-12
Lifting Speed (mm/min) 800 800 800 800
Retracting Speed (mm/min) 120-1200 120-1200 120-1200 120-1200
Column Rotation Angle(°) ±180° ±180° ±180° ±180°
Speed (rpm) Manual 0.11 Manual 0.11 Manual 0.10 Manual
Trolley Travel Speed (mm/min) Manual 2000 2000 2000
Trolley Span (mm) 1060 1500 2000 250

Column and boom: Edgefold welding structure with annealing process and finish machining
Lead rail: 45 steel

1. To ensure a safe connection, the welding manipulator should be grounded and reliably connected using the correct voltage. Should a problem arise, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the equipment inspected and repaired before operating the machine.
2. Wiring located outside the equipment should be inspected for faculty connection. If a problem arises with the cable insulation, the welding manipulator should be immediately stopped and overhauled.
3. Welding should be performed in strict compliance with safety regulations and protective equipment must be worn while operating the equipment.
4. The joint of the multicore cable should be inspected. If loose, it may cause poor contact and affect welding operation. To avoid breakage, the welding cable should not be twisted too often.
5. Should a problem arise with the cable insulation, the column boom manipulator must be immediately shut off and overhauled.
6. The welding manipulator should be operated in an area free from rainwater, corrosive gas and high temperature to avoid causing damage to electronic components or affecting operation functionality.
7. A special power supply is required if frequent fluctuation of main voltage exists.

Packaging information
The following packaging is available
1. Palletizing plus plywood
2. Wooden case
3. Plastic film (nude packaging)

1. HENGTONG welding manipulator comes with a one year warranty in which time we will solve any quality problems that should arise free of charge.
2. Our specialized after sales service personnel call and/or email our clients. We value our customers' feedback which helps us improve our products.
3. We attend several international trade fairs each year and visit with clients in the city the trade show is located.
4. We reply to our customers within 24 hours excluding holidays.

As an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer and supplier of welding manipulator in China, we can also provide some other related products, including self adjustment welding rotator, head to tail welding positioner, and chamfering machine, and more. Due to reliable performance and reasonable prices, our products are successfully exported to Australia, India, Canada and Brazil, to name a few. If you have any related need, please contact us immediately.

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Hengtong welding equipment company is a Chinese of welding equipment and cutting machine. Our company specializes in the production of welding rotator, pipe turning roll, welding positioner, welding manipulator, and other welding equipment, column boom manipulator and chamfering machine, which are mainly used in welding big boilers, pressure containers, wind towers, and the chemical project, petroleum and shipbuilding industries. We have an annual production capacity of 150 sets self adjustable welding rotator, 120 sets welding positioner, 90 sets conventional turning roll, and 80 welding manipulator.