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Head To Tail Welding Positioner

1. The worktable can be rotated or tilted allowing workpiece to be welded at the best position.
2. Frequency control of motor speed by rotating and motor-driven speed regulation by tilting from which customers can choose in line with operational requirements.
3. Electric control system composed of electric cabinet and manual control box making it easy to operate.
4. Equipped with slewing bearing which helps increase the loading capacity and makes the rotation smooth.
5. Worktable is manufactured with six radial M30T bolt grooves used to clamp and position the workpieces.
6. Several concentric annual grooves are processed onto the surface of the worktable to help align the workpiece at the center.

7. Through annealing process, the rack has enough mechanical strength to remain solid during long time use.
8. Used for positioning relatively long workpieces.

Welding positioner equipment is necessary for the manufacture of mechanical parts. The welding positioner is mainly applied for welding and fabrication of the related parts. By rotating or tilting the worktable, operators can weld the workpieces in the best position. The rotation and tilting speed of the worktable can be adjusted in line with the welding speed under stepless speed regulation. Labor intensity and welding auxiliary time are greatly reduced and the welding quality and productivity are significantly improved.


Type Loading Capacity (kg) Rotation Speed (rmp) Tilting Speed (rmp) Tilting Angle (°) Worktable Dia.(mm) Rotation Power (kw) Tilting Power (kw) Speed Adjust Max. Eccentricity (mm) Max. Gravity (mm)
ZHB-01 100 0.4-4 2 0-90 Φ400 0.18 0.18 AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 150 200
ZHB-03 300 0.1-1 1 0-90 Φ600 0.37 0.37 150 200
ZHB-06 600 0.09-0.9 0.42 0-90 Φ1000 0.75 0.75 150 200
ZHB-12 1200 0.05-0.5 0.4 0-120 Φ1200 1.1 1.1 200 250
ZHB-30 3000 0.05-0.5 0.23 0-120 Φ1400 1.1 2.2 200 300
ZHB-50 5000 0.05-0.5 0.2 0-120 Φ1500 1.5 3 200 300
ZHB-100 10000 0.05-0.5 0.2 0-120 Φ2000 3 4 200 400
ZHB-150 15000 0.04-0.4 0.15 0-120 Φ2200 4 7.5 200 500
ZHB-200 20000 0.04-0.4 0.15 0-90 Φ2500 5.5 11 200 600
ZHB-300 30000 0.03-0.3 0.15 0-90 Φ3000 5.5 15 200 650
ZHB-500 50000 0.02-0.2 0.06 0-90 Φ4000 11 18.5 200 800

Rack: Weldment Q235
Worktable: 16Mn

1. Calcium based grease should be applied to the bearings regularly for lubrication.
2. The speed reducer must be filled with 30# machine oil. This oil should be changed every six months.
3. All driving parts should be checked periodically for lubrication, and the speed reducer should be checked and resupplied with lubricating grease every month. This will ensure the functionality and lengthen the working life of the head to tail welding positioner.
4. The equipment should be cleared before using and always have enough oil. If possible, the equipment should be assigned to one specific person for operation and maintenance.
5. To avoid damage to the bearings, the welding ground should be connected to the conductive device not placed directly on the head to tail welding positioner.
6. Daily inspection should include:
a. The control box should not be opened when machine is operating.
b. Operators should inspect the operation from the outside to ensure everything is in order.
7. Detailed inspection should include:
a. Performance complies with standard specifications
b. No corrosive gas or high temperature or rainwater
c. Display parts operating normally
d. No unusual noise, vibration or smell
e. No overheating or discoloring
8. Periodic inspection should be carried out with operation stopped, power cut off, and cover of control box opened and include
a. Power supply voltage within a permissible range
b. Dust on the control panel should be cleared
c. Machine should be stopped immediately and overhauled if anything goes wrong with the cable insulation
d. All connecting parts should be well fastened
e. Should anything go wrong with control circuit or any electrical components, they should be repaired so that the operation is not affected

Packaging information
The following packaging is available:
1. Palletizing plus plywood
2. Wooden case
3. Plastic film (nude packaging)

1. HENGTONG Head to Tail Welding Positioner comes with a one year warranty in which time we will solve any quality problems that should arise free of charge.
2. Our specialized "after sales" service personnel call and/or email our clients. We value our customers' feedback which helps us improve our products.
3. We attend several international trade fairs each year and visit with clients in the city the trade show is located.
4. We reply to our customers within 24 hours (excluding holidays).

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