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  • Self Aligning Welding Rotator Hengtong self aligning welding rotator is primarily comprised of driving roller, idle roller, electric control box and manual control box. Its rollers can automatically adjust themselves when loading to suit the diameter of vessel. Therefore, a large range of diameters can be accommodated without need for any adjustment...
  • Lifting Welding RotatorThe lifting welding rotator is mainly composed of driving roller, idle roller, electric control box and manual control box.
    The manual control box allows convenient operation.
    The distance between rollers can be automatically adjusted to accommodate different tank ...
  • Movable Welding RotatorThe distance between rollers can be automatically adjusted to suit containers with different diameters, so there is no need for manual adjustment.
    The base can be mounted on a travel car, which enables the welding rotator to move along the flat ground or track way...
  • Custom Made Welding Rotator and Turning Roller Whether you need a movable type, lifting type or other special welding rotator, we can satisfy all of your needs. In addition, black rubber rollers, polyurethane rollers or steel rollers are available for you to choose from.
    The custom made welding rotator is mainly composed of driving roller, idle roller, electric control ...

Features of Welding Rotator
1. The rollers of the welding rotator can automatically adjust themselves to accommodate the diameter of vessels, thus eliminating manual adjustment.
2. Electromagnetic stepless speed control or variable frequency drive is adopted for speed regulation.
3. The manual control box allows convenient operation.
4. Our welding rotator comes in several types, including self aligning type, movable type, lifting type, etc., so customers can choose it according to their specific requirements.
5. The rollers are made from black rubber, polyurethane or steel. All steel plates are manufactured with 16Mn.

The welding rotator is suitable for pressure vessels, boilers and other cylindrical containers. It can be used together with automatic welding equipment to improve welding quality, increase efficiency and reduce labor intensity. In addition, the welding rotator can also be used in combination with manual welding equipment.

Applicable Container Specifications
Weight: 1-2000T
Diameter: over 50mm
Shape: cylindrical, without protrude

Technical Specifications of Welding Rotator
Type Max. Loading Capacity (kg) Applicable Workpiece Dia. (mm) Roller Dia. and Width (mm) Roller Speed (m/h) Motor Power (kw) Speed Adjustment
Rubber Roller Metal Roller
HGZ-5 5000 Φ250-2300 Φ250*100 Φ244*20*2 6-60 0.75 Electromagnetic stepless speed control or variable frequency drive
HGZ-10 10000 Φ320-2800 Φ300*120 Φ294*25*2 1.1
HGZ-20 20000 Φ500-3500 Φ350*120 Φ344*30*2 1.5
HGZ-30 30000 Φ600-3800 Φ350*120 Φ344*30*2 2.2
HGZ-40 40000 Φ600-4200 Φ400*120 Φ394*40*2 3
HGZ-50 50000 Φ700-4500 Φ400*120 Φ394*40*2 4
HGZ-60 60000 Φ750-4800 Φ450*120 Φ444*50*2 4
HGZ-80 80000 Φ850-5000 Φ500*120 Φ494*60*2 5.5
HGZ-100 100000 Φ1000-5500 Φ500*120 Φ494*80*2 7.5

The welding rotator is a piece of welding auxiliary equipment used to weld internal and external circumferential seams and longitudinal seams in cylindrical workpieces. The turning roll is mainly composed of a base, driving roller, idle roller, stand, transmission, power drive device, electric control box and manual control box. The transmission drives the driving wheel, and the friction between the driving roller and cylindrical workpiece makes the workpiece rotate to achieve optimum welding position. Horizontal position circumferential and longitudinal welding can be achieved.

1. The welding rotator should be operated and maintained by specialized personnel. Before using it, the equipment should be cleaned and carefully checked. Rubber rollers should be kept away from oils and heat to avoid aging.
2. During installation and debugging, the speed reducer should be filled with 30# machine oil according to the specific need. This is also necessary when the environmental temperature is below 0℃. The oil must be completely replaced after first month use, and then replace it every six months.
3. The welding ground should be directly connected to the rotator, so as to prevent damage to the bearings.

Our welding rotators can be packaged in a number of ways as follows.
1. Pallet plus plywood
2. Wooden crate
3. Plastic film

1. Hengtong welding rotator comes with a one-year warranty, during which we will solve any quality problems arise due to manufacturing or material flaw free of charge.
2. We have specialized after-sales service personnel to regularly collect customer feedback via phone or email so as to improve our products and services.
3. We attend 3-5 international trade fairs each year, which allows us to pay a visit to customers in the cities where the fairs are held.
4. We promise to reply to customers' questions within 24 hours except holidays.

As a professional welding rotator manufacturer in China, we offer a vast range of products that includes self aligning welding rotator, movable welding rotator, welding positioner, and many others.

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