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Two Minute Tour

Q: What products does your company manufacture?
A: We manufacture welding rotators, welding positioners, column booms manipulators, chamfering machines, etc.

Q: What are your products used for?
A: Our products are used for manufacturing boilers, pressure containers, wind towers, and in the oil, chemical engineering and shipbuilding industries.

Q: What certification has your company obtained?
A: We have gained the ISO9001:2008 certification. Our products, welding rotator, welding manipulator, chamfering machine, have acquired SGS and CE certification.

Q: When was your company established? Can you present a brief history of your company's development?
A: 2001: Wuxi Hengtong Petrolic Machinery Co Ltd. was established and began producing automatic welding equipment.
    2003: Together with ten engineers, built our independent research lab.
    2005: Strove toward further development in the steel industry with fruitful results.
    2007: Sold our products the international markets of South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.
    2008: Sought to expand our overseas markets and targeted our core overseas markets of Australia, India, Canada, Brazil, etc. while working on improving the export trade system.
    2010: Completed production equipment. We brought in draw bench and acquired more land to further expand production.

Q: What advantages do your products have compared with products of other companies?
A: 1. Our welding quality is further guaranteed by the advanced technology we use to keep the workpieces from sliding.
    2. We provide a whole production line for wind tower equipment.

Q: What countries have your products been exported to?
A: Our products have been exported to UAE, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Australia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, India, Vietnam, etc.

Q: How does your company guarantee the quality of your products?
A: 1. We prudently select our raw materials and reject inferior materials.
    2. Every procedure in the entire process, annealing and quenching treatment, is carefully inspected and followed through in strict compliance with the requirements.
    3. We set aside one day a week to train our staff in both theorical and practical aspects.
    4. Each product must pass the quality inspection before being delivered to our valued clients. We also offer test certificates to our clients.
    5. We always manufacture our products in strict compliance with the ISO9001:2008 standard and the requirements of SGS and CE certification.

Q: What after-sales services does your company offer?
A: 1. HENGTONG products come with a one year warranty. During the warranty period, we will solve any quality problems that should arise free of charge.
    2. With our advanced technologies, we can design specially customized products and offer sound solutions to comply with our clients' requirements.
    3. If our clients have any questions, they may visit our factory or view the operation of the equipment at the workplace of one of our clients.
    4. We generally complete an order within 30 days and offer installation and training.

Hengtong Petrolic Machinery Company is a major manufacturer of welding equipment and cutting machine in China. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to being of service to you.

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    1. Welding Manipulator, Column Boom ManipulatorThe eight guide wheels all utilize eccentric structure. During installation and set up, the lead rail tension can be adjusted by using the eccentric shaft. After this adjustment ...
    1. Chamfering MachineThe lead screw for angle adjustment, screw for adjusting depress device and bearing device, depress device, and slide guidepost should be directly oiled with lithium base grease.