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Custom Made Turning Roll, Welding Rotator

1. Composed of driving roller, idler, electric cabinet and manually controlled box.
2. Distance between rollers can be adjusted to fit barrels with different diameters. Convenient to operate without the need of manual adjustment.
3. Frequency control is applied for the adjustment of roller speed, improving the reliability of equipment operation.
4. Easy to operate using manually controlled box.
5. Can be designed for anti drift turning roll, welding rotator or custom made welding rotator, turning roll to make welding operation steadier and more convenient.
6. Client can select materials for roller production. Materials include black rubber, polyurethane and steel.
7. Can be designed into widened, heightened and compressed types to allow for easy operation.

Custom made turning roll is mainly used to weld the circular seam and longitudinal seam of barrels, pressure containers, boilers, etc.

Specifications of Applicable Barrels
Weight: 1-2000T
Diameter: Over 50mm
Shape: Cylindrical without projection


Type Max Loading Capacity (kg) Applicable Workpiece Dia. (mm) Roller Dia. and Width Roller speed (m/h) Motor Power Roller Distance Adjust Speed Adjust
Rubber roller Metal roller
HGK-2 2000 Φ150-2000 Φ200×100 / 6-60 2 ×0.18 Manual Lead Screw or Bolt Grading Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
HGK-5 5000 Φ250-2800 Φ250*100 Φ244×16*2 6-60 2 ×0.37
HGK-10 10000 Φ300-3200 Φ300*120 Φ294×25*2 6-60 2×0.55
HGK-20 20000 Φ500-4500 Φ350*120 Φ344×30*2 6-60 2×1.1
HGK-40 40000 Φ500-5000 Φ400*120 Φ394×50*2 6-60 2×1.5
HGK-60 60000 Φ500-5000 Φ450*120 Φ444×50*2 6-60 2×2.2
HGK-80 80000 Φ800-6000 Φ500*120 Φ494×60*2 6-60 2×3
HGK-100 100000 Φ800-6000 Φ500×120 Φ494×80*2 6-60 2×4
HGK-200 200000 Φ800-6500 / Φ700×250 6-60 2×4
HGK300 300000 Φ800-6500 / Φ800×300 6-60 2×5.5
HGK-500 400000 Φ1000-8000 / Φ800×350 6-60 2×7.5
HGK-800 500000 Φ1000-8000 / Φ900×400 6-60 2×11

Materials of Custom Made Turning Roll, Welding Rotator
Steel plate: 16Mn
Roller: Black rubber, polyurethane and steel

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