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Fixed Welding Manipulator
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Features of Fixed Welding Manipulator
1. Our fixed welding manipulator features rigid and durable column and boom which adopt cold-formed welded structure and undergo fine finishing process after annealing treatment.
2. The adoption of variable frequency drive for the adjustment of boom retracting speed results in high reliability and stability.
3. The boom lifting mechanism utilizes a pawl structure fall prevention device to avoid accidental falls and ensure operator safety.
4. The front of the boom is equipped with X-Y slide which can be adjusted by manual control box.
5. Eight guide rollers all adopt eccentric structure. Customers could adjust the distance between guide roller and rails.
6. The guide rails are manufactured with 45 steel.
7. The electrical section contains manual control box and electric control box.
8. Our fixed welding manipulator can also be equipped with optional devices such as manned seat and platform, drag chain, seam tracking and monitoring system, flux feeding and recovering system.

Technical Specifications of Fixed Welding Manipulator
Type LHQ Light LH Medium LHM Heavy LHW Super-Heavy
Boom Lifting Stroke (mm) 1-3 2-4 2-8 2-13
Boom Retracting Stroke (mm) 1-3 1-4 2-8 4-12
Lifting Speed (mm/min) 800 800 800 800
Retracting Speed (mm/min) 120-1200 120-1200 120-1200 120-1200
Column Rotation Angle(°) ±180° ±180° ±180° ±180°
Speed(rpm) Manual 0.11 Manual 0.11 Manual 0.10 Manual
Trolley Travel Speed (mm/min) Manual 2000 2000 2000
Trolley Span (mm) 1060 1500 2000 2500

Hengtong fixed welding manipulator is ruggedly designed and built for many years of operation. It is widely used for automatic welding of internal and external circumferential seams and longitudinal seams in steam drums and other cylindrical parts in the boilers, pressure vessels, petroleum, chemical and machinery manufacturing industries.

As our fixed welding manipulators have light duty type(LHQ), medium duty type(LH), heavy duty type(LHM) and super-heavy duty type(LHW), so they can complete virtually all customers' welding jobs.

Hengtong is a specialized fixed welding manipulator manufacturer in China. Our company provides an extensive line of products, including a welding manipulator, welding rotator, wind tower welding equipment, and more.

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