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Hengtong Petrolic Machinery Company is a welding equipment manufacturer located in China. In recent years, we have expanded our business to include seamless steel pipes, in addition to welding equipment. We now are able to provide a wide range of products, including our welding manipulator, welding rotator, welding positioner, precision steel pipe, piston rod and more. Hengtong welding machines are ideal for welding boilers, pressure vessels, steam drums, and other containers in the petroleum, shipbuilding, chemical, and machinery manufacturing industries.

  • Custom Made Conventional Welding Rotator
  • Custom Made Conventional Welding RotatorIn addition to standard welding rotator, we at Hengtong can also offer custom made conventional welding rotators to meet clients' length, width, anti drift, or other special requirements. In addition, our welding rotators are provided with the option of rubber, polyurethane or steel rollers.
    The distance between rollers can be adjusted through lead screw or bolt grading to accommodate...
  • Self Aligning Welding Rotator
  • Self Aligning Welding Rotator Hengtong self aligning welding rotator is primarily comprised of driving roller, idle roller, electric control box and manual control box. Its rollers can automatically adjust themselves when loading to suit the diameter of vessel. Therefore, a large range of diameters can be accommodated without need for any adjustment...
  • Standard Welding Positioner
  • Standard Welding Positioner Due to the use of slewing bearing, our standard welding positioner offers an increased loading capacity.
    There are six radial M30T bolt slots in the worktable, which greatly facilitates workpiece clamping and positioning operations.
    The worktable surface is designed with many concentric ring slots to help align the workpiece ...
  • Fixed Welding Manipulator
  • Fixed Welding Manipulator The guide rails are manufactured with 45 steel.
    The electrical section contains manual control box and electric control box.
    Our fixed welding manipulator can also be equipped with optional devices such as manned seat and platform, drag chain, seam tracking and monitoring system, flux feeding and recovering system. ...
  • Cold Drawn Steel Pipe
  • Cold Drawn Steel Pipe Specification: I.D30-500mm
    Wall thickness: 2-50mm
    Material: 20#, 45#, 16Mn, 27SiMn, 25Mn
    Standard: GB/T8713-88 GB/T3639-2000 DIN2391 EN10305 ...

We at Hengtong are committed to building quality welding equipment and steel pipes that clients around the world can depend on. To achieve this, we take many steps to ensure the quality of our welding manipulator, welding rotator and welding positioner. We begin by carefully selecting material suppliers and thoroughly inspecting their products to ensure that only qualified materials and components are used in the production of our machines. We also strictly monitor annealing, quenching, and other processes to ensure the quality of our welding manipulator, welding rotator, welding positioner, and CNC cutting machine. Each finished product is then given a stringent quality inspection prior to delivery. At Hengtong, we also believe that constant learning and continuing training help our employees to improve their skills. As a result of our commitment to quality, our company has been ISO9001 approved, and our products are CE certified. Hence, clients can depend on our products and feel confident in using our movable welding manipulator, self-aligning welding rotator, and head-tail welding positioner.

In order to make our welding equipment and seamless steel pipe affordable to more clients, we strive to cut costs while not compromising on quality. One way we accomplish this is through our long-term relationships with local steel suppliers, as they offer us a 10% discount. This greatly reduces our raw material costs. Next we utilize highly efficient equipment like flame cutting machines, which lowers our labor costs. A dedicated management team, together with our standardized management system, results in efficient use of company resources and minimal waste. All of these factors combine to effect a reduction in our overall production cost. Therefore, we are able to provide both high quality and economical welding equipment and CNC cutting machine products to clients from Italy, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and other countries.

At Hengtong, we pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service. We offer a one-year warranty on our welding manipulators, welding rotators, and welding positioners. During the warranty period, we will solve any quality problems which arise due to manufacturing or material defect at no charge. Upon request, we can also offer installation, commissioning, operator training, and customization services.